Living in the SHED

Living in the SHED Blog for Fictorians

We all live in a watershed, but how does that affect the way we conduct our daily life? We're familiar with rules, regulations, laws and by-laws within the political boundaries that define where we call home. Canada. Alberta. Hamlet, village, town, summer village, Indian Reserve, Metis Settlement, city, county. We have context for how to live in these jurisdictions.

Watershed boundaries are based on water flow. How and where water collects in water bodies. Rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands. We want clean water. We want enough water - to drink, to bathe in, to use, to play in and on (swimming, boating, fishing).

How do we live in our watersheds in ways that ensure we have enough clean water for everything?
That is a complex question, with no one, simple answer.
How we live in our watersheds is an on-going conversation.
How do each of us become part of that conversation?
We can deside.