Living in the SHED

   304 pages. Full Colour. Photos, Maps, Illustrations

   The North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta  was transformed from a vast First Nations territory rich in useful plants and wild game to full European settlement in less than 50 years. The settlers created vibrant rural communities where basic food was produced and  processed nearby. That way of life lasted less than 50 years.
   How and why did this happen? The whole story has not been written yet.
   Living in the SHED explores these questions using a variety of parameters (Natural Features, Natural Resources, Pre-contact, Post Contact – fur trade, Post Contact – settlement, 21st Century) within the boundaries of 12 subwatersheds. Cline, Ram, Clearwater, Brazeau, Modeste, Strawberry, Greater Edmonton Area, Sturgeon, Beaverhill, White Earth, Frog, Vermilion, Monnery.
 How we used the land in the past has created both challenges and opportunities for us today.
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Living in the SHED