NSWA Staff

  David Trew, Executive Director (780.496.3474)

David has in his career focused primarily on water quality management and policy development as a scientist, manager and senior manager. He has worked with all manner of stakeholders in the water management area, from scientific research communities and early river basin councils, through to cross-ministry and inter-governmental committees. David is well positioned to guide the organization as it fulfills its potential as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the North Saskatchewan Watershed.

  Billie Milholland, Communications Manager (780.496.5577)

Billie started with NSWA in the spring of 2001. Her involvement with economic development in rural communities, experience with the public participation process and use of strategic communication techniques are some of the resources she calls upon. Her free-lance journalism exploits spanned over thirty years, wherein she wrote for Harrowsmith Magazine, Western Producer, Chatalaine, Chickadee and produced weekly columns for various newspapers in Alberta and B.C. The skills she developed there have been useful in producing "The North Saskatchewan River Guide", "The Heritage River Study" and her most recent publication, "Living in the SHED" which is due to be released in 2014.

  Gord Thompson, Technical Program Coordinator (780.496.3010)

Gord joined the NSWA after a 35-year career in wastewater engineering and management with the City of Edmonton and the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission. He brings a strong interest in the impacts of growth and development on the environment.

 Melissa Logan, Watershed Planning & Management Coordinator (780.495.0641)

Melissa Logan has a degree in Biology from the University of Alberta (2001) and started working with the NSWA in February 2011. Melissa has experience in watershed management planning, state of the watershed reporting, limnology, surface water quality assessment, treatment wetland design, bioengineering, health and safety, and wetland and riparian area conservation. Melissa has worked with many different watershed stewardship groups across the province on watershed management initiatives, and has been involved with two different working groups on the Alberta Water Council. For the NSWA, Melissa works with several sub watershed groups. She was the lead planner in developing the Mayatan Lake State of the Watershed Report and is now working on a draft Mayatan Lake Integrated Watershed Management Plan (Modeste sub watershed). She is also working in the Sturgeon River sub watershed with a municipa; task force tasked with implementing recommendations from the Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report. Outside work, Melissa is an avid photographer, motorcyclist, roller derby player and bootcamp instructor.

  Marilou Montemayor, Watershed Planning & Management Coordinator (780.496.2870)

Marilou worked with other Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils for five years before joining the NSWA WPAC team.  There, she was involved with State of the Watershed Reporting and Watershed Management Planning. With NSWA, her focus is on watershed management implementation projects, especially working with the Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan in the Vermilion sub watershed. Water quality monitoring of the Vermilion River is another area where she uses her expertise. Marilou has scientific research experience in peatland restoration, and knowledge of saline wetlands. She has a Master of Environmental Studies and Bachelor of Science (Environmental & Resources Sciences). She also has previous overseas degrees in agriculture and work experience in developing countries. Her personal interests in native/wild plants, how climate and land forms determine plant distribution; and how Alberta’s diversity in eco-regions provide a wide range of opportunities have broadened her knowledge for watershed management work.

  Mary Ellen Shain, Watershed Planning & Management Coordinator (780.496.6962)

Mary Ellen is a recent M.Sc. graduate from McGill’s Integrated Water Resource Management program (2013), where she focused on grass-roots collaborative decision making. She also completed undergraduate degrees in Ecology (2008) and Ethics (2009). Mary Ellen has previously worked for a river restoration organization, land stewardship council, Parks Canada and a consulting firm. She has experience with GIS, data management, policy analysis, and is interested in permaculture and low-impact development. With the NSWA, Mary Ellen is managing the new Headwaters Alliance and is involved with the lake management initiative.    


Elisa Brose, Office Manager (780) 442-6363 


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