Feb 1, 2018 Municipal Forum

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Oct 17-19 Flowing Waters Conference
"Flowing Waters: Water Quality and Transboundary Issues in the Saskatchewan River Basin"
October 17 - 19, 2017 Executive Royal Hotel, Leduc, AB


A Day in the Life of a Field Ecologist by Brittany Jackson

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Lake Level Trends in Alberta
The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a preliminary assessment of the historic lake level data across central Alberta. Possible causes of lake level change will be evaluated in further analyses. Results from this study can help improve our understanding of the hydrologic effects of climate change and land‐use changes, which will ultimately support future planning and management decisions.


Hydrology in the Sturgeon River
Declining Flows in the Sturgeon River.
Dr. Cristina Buendia's work confirms that the Strugeon River watershed has endured a dry phase that has lasted at least 2 decades.
Sturgeon River Hydrology Information Bulletin

Influence of Climate, Landscape Change and Licenced Water Removal on Flows in the Sturgeon River Basin 

Flows in the Sturgeon River have decreased significantly over the past few decades following a rapid expansion of urban areas and changes in land use across the basin. 
Residents are concerned about declining water levels, summer and winter fish kills and poor water quality in the river. 
Isle Lake & Lac Ste. Anne State of Watershed Report

“This report consolidates and interprets all existing environmental knowledge of Isle Lake and Lac Ste. Anne and their watersheds.

The report identifies key environmental issues and current watershed stressors. Information from this report can be used to guide future watershed management planning initiatives and identify knowledge gaps for future monitoring efforts.

This report is an example of a regional component of NSWA’s larger basin planning initiative, the Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the North Saskatchewan River Basin

June 22 NSWA AGM

NSWA Annual General Meeting

Thursday June 22, 2017
The Old timers Cabin
9430 Scona Road, Edmonton




Water Quality Forum April 6, 2017


Surface Water Quality Overview of the NSR Basin -  Vanessa Swarbrick, M.Sc., Alberta Environment and Parks
Lac Ste Anne Lake Isle Water Balance Assessment
Lac Ste Anne is a comparatively large lake, with a surface area of 51.7 km2.  It is maintained by outflows from Isle Lake and runoff from a 297 km2 local (effective) drainage area. Outflows from Lac Ste Anne, in turn, form the next segment of the Sturgeon River, which flows through two more downstream lakes (Devil’s Lake and Big Lake) before entering the North Saskatchewan River near the City of Fort Saskatchewan.