Water Conservation

The City of Edmonton’s brochure on water efficient fixtures and the 2008 water efficient fixture bylaw. The Edmonton Rain Barrel Project discusses different types of rain barrels, explains why they are useful/beneficial, and shows how to order a rain barrel. Information pamphlet on water conservation by Carbon Dioxide Reduction Edmonton. Includes information on water usage in toilets, showers, faucets, water heaters, and appliances such as clothes washers and dishwashers. 

Strathcona County Water Department gives good advice on how to conserve household water. This includes bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and everyday activities. The water calculator is a useful tool for learning how to save water & and money in the household 

Environment Canada Water Conservation. This site has a breakdown of water use in the home (under Water wise section), and tips on saving water in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and outdoors. It also has information on saving money by conserving water (water marks section), a link that gives step by step instructions on measuring water use (water log section, link says water audit), and a table for recording water use. It also has a “Water Resources” section with references to more information. 

Epcor’s guide to conserving water in the bathroom
Epcor’s guide to conserving water in the kitchen. 
Epcor's guide to conserving water in your laundry room
Epcor’s advice on managing your lawn without wasting water
Epcor’s advice on gardening and using water efficiently
Epcor’s guide to saving water with your pool, hot tub, or water feature
Epcor’s advice on installing and maintaining rain barrels

100 tips for conserving water. This site includes a home water audit. It's an American site, but most of the tips are applicable to Canadian situations.  

Edmonton Real Estate Weekly’s May 10, 2012 issue includes tips on how to conserve water. The advice focuses on gardening and upgrading appliances. 

Best Practices

The City of Edmonton’s “Store it, Don’t Pour it” initiative to discourage pouring oil down the sink. 

The City of Edmonton tips for preventing river pollution through proper care of yards, vehicles, pets, and households. 

Epcor suggests personal practices to help protect the watershed