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Of particular use for the junior high school science curriculum in Alberta, this watershed atlas also has wide appeal for anyone involved in watershed/landuse planning and those curious about the nature of human activity in the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.

Atlas Teacher Guide

Table of Contents

Interaction Between Land and Water
    The Hydrologic Cycle
    What is a Watershed?
    Major Drainage Basins
    Stream Order
    Watershed Components
        Riparian Area
Climate and Water Yields
    Annual Precipitation, Evapotranspiration and Temperature
    Natural Subregions
    Water Yield
How We Use and Impact the Watershed 
    Land Cover and Land Use
    Population Density
    Surface Water Licences
    Water Well Density
    Wastewater Treatment
    Linear Disturbance Features
    Oil & Gas Well Density
    Agricultural Land Use in Rural Municipalities
    Manure Application
    Potential Risk of Groundwater Contamination
Protecting the Watershed
    Environmentally Significant Areas
    Forest Management Areas, Parks and Protected Areas
    Best Management Practice Adoption
    Provincial Policy and Planning Initiatives

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