NSWA Water Supply Forum

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NSWA Water Supply Forum
October 4, 2016
Agora Room 

Strathcona Community Center 
401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park, AB 

Dr. David Sauchyn, University of Regina 
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply

Sal Figliuzzi, P. Eng.
  Current Conditions and Trends in Surface Water Supply in the NSR

Dr. Greg Goss  and Dr. Monireh Faramarzi, University of Alberta 
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies in Alberta 

Gordon Thompson, P. Eng., NSWA
  An overview of water allocation and consumption in the NSR basin

Dr. Cristina Buendia-Fores, NSWA
 An evaluation of landscape change and climate effects on water supply in the Mediterranean Basin 

Steph Neufeld and Dr. Lyndon Gyurek, EPCOR
  Security of Drinking Water Supplies in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

 Duane Froese , University of Alberta 
    Isotope hydrology of the North Saskatchewan River and its tributaries in Alberta  

Mike Nemeth, P. Ag., Alberta WaterSMART
Water Resources Planning Projects in Alberta 

Chad Willms, Alberta Environment and Parks  
North Saskatchewan Regional Plan  

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