April 6 Water Quality Forum

Water for Life - Water Quality in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

Vermilion River Aquatic Ecosystem Assessment

This report is from the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance website

The Vermilion River, in the Province of Alberta, is characteristic of a small, slow-moving mud-bottom prairie river in Alberta. Except for the lowest reach, the river ceases to flow in mid to late summer, which dictates many ecosystem processes. As demonstrated by the poor macroinvertebrate FBI score, the Vermilion River generally is an unhealthy system, which is consistent with the widespread degradation of riparian areas and wetlands.

Vermilion River Riparian Assessment

This report is from the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance website

 Aerial Assessment of Riparian Areas of the Vermilion River, AB and its Major Tributaries




NSWA Water Supply Forum

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NSWA Water Supply Forum
October 4, 2016
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Dr. David Sauchyn, University of Regina 
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply

Sal Figliuzzi, P. Eng.

OCT 4 Future of Our Water Supply FORUM

OCTOBER 4, 2016
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Mayatan Lake Watershed Management Plan

Explore the North Sasaktchewan River Watershed in Alberta!

304 pages. Full Colour. Photos, Maps, Illustrations. 
Lake Management Workshop Proceedings June 3, 2015


Towards Science-Based Lake Management Planning Approaches for Alberta 

Workshop Proceedings 
June 3, 2015
Alberta Environment & Parks
Spruce Grove


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