Ecoregions in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

Ecoregions are natural areas defined by geographic and climatic features. This fact sheet lists the ecoregions of the North Saskatchewan River Basin. The document provides a chart with information on the boundaries of each region, on the types of plants in the region, and on the soil type of the region. 

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How is Water Use Regulated in Alberta

This information bulletin is a summary of the content compiled by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance for an online training project for the oil and gas industry.

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Order the new NSWA Watershed Atlas

Of particular use for the junior high school science curriculum in Alberta, this watershed atlas also has wide appeal for anyone involved in watershed/landuse planning and those curious about the nature of human activity in the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.

Municipal Guide Bulletin

This bulletin gives a quick overview of development of NSWA’s Municipal Guide, and lists the municipalities in the greater North Saskatchewan River Watershed. When the Municipal Guide was written, the North Saskatchewan River watershed included all the municipalities in the Battle River watershed, which are now under the stewardship of the Battle River Watershed Alliance.

Integrated Watershed Management Plan Bulletin

This bulletin outlines the objectives of the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP). It includes additional information on the North Saskatchewan River and its sub watersheds, as well as information on a number of studies relating to the North Saskatchewan River Basin.

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Regulation of Water Use in Alberta

Water resources in Alberta are managed by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development under the Water Act (CW3, RSA 2000).

Stakeholder Engagement Bulletin

This document is a summary of one of the original Municipal Forums, held as part of stakeholder engagement towards the development of an Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.

Topics discussed at this forum include: suggestions for future information bulletins, suggestions for future workshops and presentations, obstacles and opportunities, resources and strengths, and strategies for more effective management.  

Groundwater Bulletin

This bulletin is a short overview of Groundwater in Alberta generally, and in the North Saskatchewan River Basin specifically. Based on the 2009 Worley Parsons Report commissioned by the NSWA, this bulletin provides information on what groundwater is, where it can be found, and how it is used in Alberta.

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Why Watershed Planning

This document explains the importance of watersheds, lists strategies for protecting watershed health and provides information on how the NSWA serves as a steward for the North Saskatchewan River Watershed in Alberta.

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