Discussion Paper for the Development of an Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the North Saskatchewan River Watershed in Alberta
Integrated Watershed Management Plan

Aerial photographs in the Integrated Watershed Management Plan document were provided by AirScapes International Inc. 

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NSWA Annual Reports

Each year, at the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) Annual General Meeting (always held in June), an annual report is presented to the membership. This report gives an over-view of activities, projects and accomplishments from the prior fiscal year (March to March).

Developing Collaborative Planning Partnerships: Final Report

This report illustrates implementation of a collaborative planning engagement strategy initiated by the NSWA from December 2009 to March 2010 for the purpose of developing an IWMP. The first section describes in detail the decision making framework developed to support a collaborative planning process. The second section describes steps taken to implement the collaborative planning strategy.

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Proposed Site-Specific Water Quality Objectives for the Mainstem of the North Saskatchewan River

The NSWA developed a set of water quality objectives for the NSR and adopted a “non-degradation” approach in their recommendations. Information and numerical guidelines contained in various environmental publications were used to evaluate water quality conditions and the ecological requirements of the NSR. This report represents an initial step in the process of setting specific water quality objectives. It is limited to a basic set of quality indicators at specific sites along the North Saskatchewan River mainstem. This work forms a key component of the IWMP for the NSR.

North Saskatchewan River Basin Overview of Groundwater Conditions, Issues and Challenges
Vermilion River Water Supply and Demand Study


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Cumulative Effects Assessment of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed using ALCES
Water Supply Assessment for the North Saskatchewan River Basin