NSWA Newsletter May/June 2014
Lac St. Cyr Water Quality Assessment

Lac St. Cyr is 16 km southeast of the Town of St. Paul in the Frog sub‐watershed, a hydrological component of the larger North Saskatchewan River (NSR) watershed. The Town of St. Paul has withdrawn its raw drinking water supply from Lac St. Cyr since 1951. Lake levels declined by approximately two metres between 1959 and 1971 due to increased water demand.

In 1978, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development allowed raw water diversion from the NSR into the lake over winter. This diversion continues to present.

MAYATAN LAKE Watershed Workshop
April 10, 2014 Municipal Forum
HOLIDAY Newsletter 2013
Fall 2013 Newsletter
Fisheries Management Objectives for the North Saskatchewan River
Protection of fisheries must include protection of hydrological and physical processes that maintain the natural structure and function of flowing water as well as protecting biological components. Successful management of fisheries requires consideration of fish and
all ecosystem elements that are necessary to support them as well as societal uses and preferences.

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