Mayatan Lake June 2013 Workshop - Presentations

Presentations from Lake Management Workshop Carvel Hall, June 19, 2013. 

Lake Water Quality Management in Alberta


Seven (7) NSWA Board positions are filled until June 2014.
Eleven (11) NSWA Board positions are available to be filled at the 2013 NSWA AGM for the 2013 - 2015 term.   

If you would like to run for a seat on the NSWA Board:

  1. :Make sure that you or your organization is an NSWA member. Join Here!
  2. Read the CALL FOR DIRECTORS carefully..
Living in the SHED

Living in the SHED 

We all live in a watershed, but how does that affect the way we conduct our daily life? We're familiar with rules, regulations, laws and by-laws within the political boundaries that define where we call home. Canada. Alberta. Hamlet, village, town, summer village, Indian Reserve, Metis Settlement, city, county. We have context for how to live in these jurisdictions.

NSWA AGM Agenda June 26
Current and Future Water Use in the North Saskatchewan River Basin
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