The Mayatan Lake Story
Stewards in Motion Drayton Valley Nov 2012
Sturgeon River Watershed
Stewards in Motion Drayton Valley
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Watershed Planning and Advisory Council Newsletter January 2013

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Watershed Conference Red Deer March 2013
The Alberta WPACs and the Canadian Water Resources Association Alberta Chapter is co-hosting a conference entitled, Water and the Enviornment: Watershed Planning and Management in Alberta, March 12th – 14th, in Red Deer, Alberta.  This year's conference reflects Alberta’s growing emphasis on the integrated planning and management of land and water resources.  The Call for Abstracts is open, the deadline for submission is January 16, 2013. 

Battle River Winter Newsletter
Cline Sub Watershed Jigsaw Puzzle

Mouth of the Cline River in the Cline sub watershed
(one of 12 sub watersheds in the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta)

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InStream Dec. Newsletter Holiday Edition
The North Saskatchewan River watershed in AB. 2013 U N International Year of Water Cooperation