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Regional Lake Stewardship Project
Information Sheet | lake, restoration, and stewardship


Lake management issues such as water quantity, water quality, erosion, riparian degradation, etc. are interconnected and highly complex. A collaborative, community approach that brings together different expertise is needed to address these types of issues at a watershed scale, whilst increasing the likelihood of success. NSWA has received multi-year funding from Pembina Pipeline’s Community Investment Program to complete our Regional Lake Stewardship Project. We have taken a step to focus on lakes with a regional lens, looking at communications, restoration opportunities, supporting monitoring and providing educational workshops.


NSWA is seeking applicants for lakeshore restoration projects within the North Saskatchewan Watershed. Depending on the site the restoration planting will include native flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. Part of the implementation includes a site assessment and a planting plan. These sites will become educational demonstration sites for the community to learn about natural lakeshores. The sites must be publicly accessible and will be monitored for improvements to ecosystem services such as biodiversity.

Application deadline is April 30th, 2023.


NSWA_Regional Lake Stewardship Project (RLSP)_Site Application_Final