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Blackmud/Whitemud Surface Water Management Study
2017 | Studies/ Reports | Policy, Water Quantity, and Watershed Management | Strawberry

Technical Memorandum No. 1

Appendices A to D
A – Historic Channels
B – Erosion Site Locations
C – Erosion Site Photos
D – Riparian Characteristics Maps

Appendix E
Wetland Inventory & Water Quality Function Rating

Appendix F
Wetland Inventory & Hydrologic Function Rating

Appendix G to H
G – Wetland Inventory & Alberta Wetland Classification
H – Water Quality Data

Natural Areas and Aquatic Ecosystem Assessment

Flood Frequency Maps part 1
Flood Frequency Maps part 2
Flood Frequency Text
Technical Memorandum No. 3

Technical Memorandum No. 4
pages_51 to 90
pages_91 to 142

Technical Memorandum No. 5
Stormwater Management Release Rates
Drainage Concepts

Appendices A-B
A – Model Inputs
B – 1D Velocity Profile Simulated with the 1D Model

Appendix C
pages 62 to 79
pages 80 to 96

Appendix D
pages 97 to 107
pages 108 to 116
pages 117 to 124
pages 125 to 130

Consensus Letter Water Act Fenceline Approval Application

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