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Influence of Climate, Landscape Change and Licenced Water Removal on Flows in the Sturgeon River Basin
2017 | Studies/ Reports | Water Quantity and Watershed Management

Sturgeon Subwatershed photo: Bill Trout

Flows in the Sturgeon River have decreased significantly over the past few decades following a rapid expansion of urban areas and changes in land use across the basin.

Residents are concerned about declining water levels, summer and winter fish kills and poor water quality in the river.

There are many uncertainties with respect to water supply in the Sturgeon River. Long-term water management planning has not been completed for this basin.

Within a context of climate change and continued economic and population growth, it is crucial that we gain an understanding of which drivers are having the most impact on the Sturgeon River. This bulletin provides an overview of the temporal changes in river flows and water supply in the Sturgeon River and analyzes the main drivers causing these changes.

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