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Isle Lake & Lac Ste Anne Water Balance Assessment
2016 | Studies/ Reports | Lakes and Water Quantity | Sturgeon

Lac Ste Anne is a comparatively large lake, with a surface area of 51.7 km2. It is maintained by outflows from Isle Lake and runoff from a 297 km2 local (effective) drainage area. Outflows from Lac Ste Anne, in turn, form the next segment of the Sturgeon River, which flows through two more downstream lakes (Devil’s Lake and Big Lake) before entering the North Saskatchewan River near the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

The objective of this report was to develop weekly balances for the two lakes and to quantify contribution of the lake outflows to the downstream flow regime of the Sturgeon River. The report provides historical weekly time series (1955-2012) for each lake for all water balance parameters, including: a) precipitation, b) evaporation, c) inflows, d) water levels, and e) outflows.

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