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Mayatan Lake Watershed Management Plan
2016 | Studies/ Reports and Watershed Management Plans | Lakes and Watershed Management | Modeste

This Plan serves as advice to Parkland County, the Government of Alberta, the Mayatan Lake Management Association and all watershed stakeholders to guide future decision‐making in their respective areas of responsibility and interest. It identifies specific actions that should be implemented, describes the roles and responsibilities of the various players to do so.

It presents an implementation strategy based on both voluntary and statutory activities. A wide range of land and water characteristics may be considered in the development of lake and watershed management plans. Several key factors are discussed in this report.

The recommended management actions for Mayatan Lake are presented within the context of the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) for the NSR (2012). The recommendations reflect the issues identified by stakeholders, and watershed management principles appropriate for this small lake.

The recommendations, structured and formatted in alignment with the Goals and Actions of the IWMP, are further classified into policy, stewardship and technical actions.

It is the opinion of NSWA that the recommendations fairly reflect the input received from all parties, and are supported by basic watershed management principles.


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