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Riparian Health Assessment of Wabamun Lake
2015 | Studies/ Reports | Aquatic Health, Lakes, and Water Quality | Modeste

Wabamun Lake, about 65 km west of Edmonton is in Parkland County within the Modeste subwatershed. Its accessible location and large size (82 km2) make it one of the most visited lakes in Alberta.

This aerial riparian assessment provides coarse-scale results, generating information that indicate broad trends in riparian health. The results:

  • 57% of Wabamun Lake’s Riparian Management Area is in healthy condition;
  • 9% of the area is moderately impaired
  • 34% of the area is highly impaired.

Impairment implies that a Riparian Management Area is partly or fully incapable of performing valuable ecological functions.

For more information visit the Wabamun Watershed Management Council website.


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