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Vermilion River Aerial Assessment of Riparian Areas
2016 | Studies/ Reports | Aquatic Health | Vermilion

This is an aerial assessment of riparian areas of the Vermilion River subwatershed. It includes:

  1. Delineation of lotic riparian areas and floodplains of the Vermilion River and riparian areas of its major tributaries.
  2. Assessment of the condition of all riparian areas in the watershed using a rapid method or methods.
  3. Identification of intact areas for conservation and/or protection.
  4. Identification of degraded areas for restoration.
  5. Prioritization of degraded areas for restoration.

Results from the aerial assessment and evaluation of riparian health showed that only 19% of the riparian areas within the Vermilion River subwatershed are in good condition, while 27% are in fair condition and 54% are in poor condition.

Vermilion LandCover Change Maps

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