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Watershed Modelling Symposium
2020 | Presentation | Collaboration and Watershed Management

The Watershed Modelling Symposium was held by the NSR WaterSHED Steering Committee on July 15 and 16, 2020. The purpose of this symposium was to showcase the “State Of” various Modelling techniques in the NSR. This is part of an overall strategy to align and integrate water quality and hydrology modelling efforts for the NSR basin and develop a 5 year modelling strategy.


Dr. Monireh Faramarzi (U of Alberta)
SWAT Hydrologic Model with Climate Projections

Dr. Dave Saucyhn and Dr. Rehan Anis (U of Regina)
Modeling Stream Flow Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin

Dr. Wanhong Yang and Dr. Shawn Shao (U of Guelph)
Integrated Modeling for Watershed Evaluation

Roland Daa-Naa (EPCOR)
EPCOR Stormwater Models

Deepak Muricken (AEP)
Industrial & Municipal Mass Balance, Watershed & River Water Quality & Quality Models