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Riparian Health Action Plan PHASE 3


The NSWA supports existing riparian on-ground incentives and programs by developing the  Riparian Web-Portal (RWP). This website encourages Albertans to conserve and improve riparian health today for the benefit of future generations.

In 2017, the NSWA commissioned BlueGeo to develop the Riparian Web Portal to provide the public with access to riparian data and resources. After a series of stakeholder workshops held in 2018, the NSWA had established the beta-version of this platform. As more WPACS, including the Battle River Watershed Alliance, began to develop riparian projects of their own, they joined our team; with their help, we officially launched the Riparian Web Portal in February 2021.

The Riparian Web Portal:

  1. Provides access to riparian data and summary tools.
  2. Shares examples of on-the-ground restoration and conservation projects.
  3. Provides links to riparian programs and grants, and offers recommendations for better management practices

The Web Portal has a publicly-accessible space to encourage landowners to take direct action. It also has a secondary space available to managers and program coordinators to support their outreach capacity. Furthermore, the NSWA and Battle River Watershed Alliance developed a workshop series to train anyone wanting to become a Web Portal user. As of March 2022, the workshop series has run 11 times and trained over 250 participants.

Real on-the-ground project examples can be found throughout the Web Portal’s map. Landowners can browse photos, timelines, and supporting partners of restoration and conservation projects in their area.

This project received an  Alberta Emerald Award in 2022.



Funding Acknowledgements:

Funding for the Riparian Web Portal has been provided through the Government of Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund, Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program as well as the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Additionally, we have received cash and/or in-kind contributions from Battle River Watershed Alliance, Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, Athabasca Watershed Alliance, Lakeland Industry & Community Association, Lesser Slave Watershed Council, and Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS).



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