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The Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance (SRWA) is a municipally-supported watershed stewardship group established for the Sturgeon River subwatershed. It partners with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA).

The SRWA is guided by a Steering Committee made up of elected municipal officials from the Sturgeon subwatershed, and a Technical Advisory Committee made up of municipal staff and invited experts. The SRWA works on projects identified in the Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report (City of St Albert, 2012) with the goal of developing an over-all watershed management plan for the river. This plan will be guided by the overarching goals identified in the Integrated Watershed Management Plan for the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta (NSWA 2012).



SRWA Reports

Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report (2012)

Influence of Climate, Landscape Change and Licenced Water Removal on Flows in the Sturgeon River Basin 2017

Assessment of Existing Water Supply & Demand Data for the Sturgeon River Basin 2016


Isle Lake & Lac Ste Anne State of the Watershed Report 2017
Isle Lake & Lac Ste Anne Water Balance Assessment 2016

Lake Level Trends in Central Alberta (presentation) 2017 
Lake Level Trends – Bulletin- 2017


SRWA Presentations

Municipal Watershed Partnerships: Overview of the SRWA  
AnnLisa Jensen 2018
Stormwater Management: Best Management Practices & Innovative Initiatives
Leah Kongsrude 2018
State of the Watershed Overview & Intermunicipal Partnership 
Melissa Logan, 2017