North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

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NSWA Members Make a Difference

Become a Member

What you get:

  • One vote at the AGM and other member meetings
  • Regular newsletters
  • Regular updates regarding NSWA activities
  • Opportunity to become an elected member of the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to serve on a variety of working groups
  • Opportunity to share ideas and concerns
  • Opportunity to exchange information
  • Opportunity to contribute to various projects and initiatives

What we get:

  • An expanded awareness of your issues and concerns and/or those of  your industry/group/organization
  • New topics for member discussion and education
  • New ideas for our initiatives in watershed management
  • New ideas for future projects
  • New suggestions for strategies and direction 

Collaborate With Us

NSWA collaborates with groups, organizations and governments on watershed-related projects.  There are many ways you can support and encourage watershed initiatives in your county, town or city community.

  • Find out which groups, organizations and corporations support watershed management in your community.
  • Help your municipal, provincial and federal elected representatives become more familiar with watershed management issues and initiatives.