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The Beaverhill subwatershed contains forests and wetlands that support a diverse range of plants and animals. Municipalities in this subwatershed include Strathcona County and part of the Counties of Leduc, Lamont, Sturgeon, Beaver and Camrose as well as the City of Fort Saskatchewan, the large Hamlet of Sherwood Park , the Towns of Bruderheim, Lamont, Tofield, the Villages of Chipman and Ryley, as well as parts of Edmonton and St. Albert. Elk Island National Park, Beaverhill Lake and Beaverhills Moraine are also within its borders.

People use the Beaverhill subwatershed for a variety of recreational activities including bird watching, hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding. Other human activity in the subwatershed includes oil and gas extraction and development, farming, rural subdivisions, and chemical manufacturing.

Intense human activity has affected the water quality in and the overall health of the Beaverhill subwatershed, but there are initiatives in place designed to protect the watershed’s ecosystems.

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For more details about the Beaverhill subwatershed check out the chapter in the North Saskatchewan River State of the Watershed Report.

NSWA Partnerships in the Beaverhill subwatershed include projects with the Antler Lake Stewardship Committee and the Beaverhill Initiative.

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