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White Earth

The White Earth subwatershed is mostly boreal forest and largely undisturbed by intense human activity. It encompasses the Village of Andrew, the towns of Legal, Smoky Lake and Redwater, as well as the Counties of Thorhild, Smoky Lake and Two Hills. Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site and Métis Crossing interpret the history of the area. People enjoy canoeing, fishing, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, and bird watching at Long Lake Provincial Park. High quality soil encourages farming. There is some oil and gas extraction within the watershed. Sections of the subwatershed that have been protected include the White Earth Natural area, and sections of the Smoky Lake and Thorhild Provincial Grazing Reserves.

There have been few studies on the health of this watershed, but existing studies indicate it is functioning fairly well.


For more details about the White Earth subwatershed, check out the chapter in the North Saskatchewan River State of the Watershed Report.

White Earth Subwatershed Photos