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Clearwater subwatershed

Most of the Clearwater subwatershed is located within Clearwater County. It covers parts of the Rocky Mountains and the foothills, extending into Banff National Park, and taking in a section of the Town of Rocky Mountain House. It is a diverse area, made up of rocky ridges, forests, grassland, water bodies, and farm land.

Human impact includes oil and gas activity, forestry, farming, and tourism. The overall health of the Clearwater subwatershed was good in the North Saskatchewan River State of the Watershed Report. 

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For more details about the Clearwater subwatershed, check out  the Cline chapter in the North Saskatchewan River State of the Watershed Report.

The Clearwater subwatershed is one of six subwatersheds focused on by THE HEADWATERS ALLIANCE, a team of rural and urban municipalities working to improve the health of the upper North Saskatchewan River watershed.

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