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Brazeau subwatershed

The Brazeau subwatershed appears to be a healthy watershed. The Brazeau subwatershed covers sections of the Rocky Mountains and foothills areas, spanning 689,198 hectares of land, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and icefields. It lies mostly within the Clearwater, Brazeau, and Yellowhead counties, with a small portion of its land mass in Jasper National Parks. It is home to O’Chiese First Nation; Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nations, Elk River; and Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nations, Cardinal River.

Recreation: hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, camping, and trail riding are the main human activities. There is some forestry activity, and oil and gas activity. Most of the land is not suited for farming.

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For more details about the Brazeau subwatershed check out the chapter in the North Saskatchewan River State of the Watershed Report.

The Brazeau subwatershed is one of six subwatersheds in THE HEADWATERS ALLIANCE, a team of rural and urban municipalities working to improve the health of the upper North Saskatchewan River watershed.

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