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The State of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed Report
2005 | Studies/ Reports and Watershed Management Plans | Watershed Management

The State of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed Report is key to the NSWA’s long-term goals. It is intended to provide a sound scientific base for decision-makers in the watershed. The report compiled information about current land use, as well as water and ecological conditions within the North Saskatchewan Watershed.

When this report was completed in 2005, the Battle River was still considered part of the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta. It has since become a separate watershed under its own Watershed and Advisory Council (WPAC) – Battle River Watershed Alliance

Executive Summary
Report Overview
North Saskatchewan River Watershed in Alberta
State of the Subwatersheds 
Data Gaps Discussion
Appendix   (Chapters 11,12,13)

North Saskatchewan River Subwatersheds

CLINE                                              CLEARWATER
Cline Map                                       Clearwater Map
RAM                                                BRAZEAU
Ram Map                                        Brazeau Map
MODESTE                                        STRAWBERRY
Modeste Map                                Strawberry Map
STURGEON                                      BEAVERHILL
Sturgeon Map                                Beaverhill Map
WHITE EARTH                               FROG
White Earth Map                            Frog Map
VERMILION                                     MONNERY
Vermilion Map                               Monnery Map

Battle River SubWatersheds

BIGSTONE                                     PAINTEARTH 
Bigstone Map                               Paintearth Map
IRON                                              RIBSTONE
Iron Map                                        Ribstone Map
BLACKFOOT                                SOUNDING 
Blackfoot Map                              Sounding Map