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Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance

The Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance (SRWA) is a municipally-supported watershed stewardship group established for the Sturgeon River subwatershed. It partners with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA).

The SRWA is guided by a Steering Committee made up of elected municipal officials from the Sturgeon subwatershed, and a Technical Advisory Committee made up of environmental groups and staff, along with researchers.

For more information check out the Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance brochure.



SRWA WATERshed Management Plan 2020

The SRWA used the 2012 State of the Sturgeon River Watershed Report  as a foundation for technical studies and research needed to develop an over-all watershed management plan for the river. They were also guided by the overarching goals identified in the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

The SRWA completed the Sturgeon River Watershed Management Plan in 2020. The Plan outlines 6 outcomes and 64 recommended actions to address water management issues in the Sturgeon River watershed.  The six outcomes are:

  1. Policies and plans are well-informed and align to support a healthy watershed. 
  2. All residents have access to safe, secure drinking water supplies, whether they are on the public or private systems or draw from surface or groundwater. 
  3. Aquatic ecosystems, including our rivers, lakes, wetlands and other water bodies, are healthy. 
  4. The importance of water quantity is recognized and reliable, quality water supplies are available for people, livestock, and a sustainable economy. 
  5. Wise land use ensures the cumulative effects of growth and development are mitigated, the land is resilient to climate change, and individuals and communities are well prepared for flood and drought events. 
  6. Residents and stakeholders support the Sturgeon River Watershed Management Plan and are willing to participate in local and regional initiatives to improve watershed health. 

The SRWA will be addressing priority actions over the next three years (2020-2023) with the support of a $200,000 Alberta Community Partnership grant.