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2020 | Presentation | Collaboration and Watershed Management


20 years of progress in watershed management (part 1)
february 27, 2020

Leah Kongsrude, Executive Director
North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
20 Years of Partnerships in Watershed Management Planning

Arin MacFarlane-Dyer & Neil Fleming
Wabamun Lake Watershed Management Council
Working with Watershed Stewardship Groups – Wabamun Lake Watershed Management Plan

AnnLisa Jensen – Councillor
Parkland County & Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance
Sturgeon River Watershed Management Plan 

Mary Ellen Shain – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
& Sarah Skinner – Battle River Watershed Alliance
WPAC Partnerships Expand Riparian Intactness Dataset

Michelle Gordy – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
& David Berry – Councillor – Town of Vegreville & Vermilion River Watershed Alliance
Restoration & Enhancement of the Vermilion River Watershed

Dr. Laurie Danielson – Northeast Capital Industrial Association
Water Management Framework for the Industrial Heartland



OCTOBER 24, 2019

Anuja Ramgoolam — Alberta Water Council
Phil Boehme—Alberta Environment and Parks
AWC Protecting Sources of Drinking Water in Alberta

Leo Paternina — EPCOR
Protecting Your Water – EPCOR’s Treatment Process

Sarah Skinner — Battle River Watershed Alliance
Camrose Sourse Water Protection Planning

Rosey Radmanovich—First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group
Source Water Protection in Alberta First Nations Communities
TSAG – Community-based source water protection planning

Adam Norris — Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance
Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer — Underground Source Water Protection

Mike Christensen — EPCOR
Edmonton’s Source Water Protection Plan: managing key risks


FEBRUARY 27, 2019

Brian Smerdon – Alberta Energy Regulator
Groundwater Primer 

Jason Unger – Alberta Environmental Law Center
Groundwater Management Challenges 

Michael Bevan – Alberta Energy Regulator
Groundwater and Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector

Jessica Liggett and Jeanette Klassen – Alberta Geological Survey
Overview of Groundwater Inventory Mapping by Alberta Geological Survey 

Laurie Danielson – Northeast Capital Industrial Association
Regional Groundwater Monitoring of the Beverly Channel by Industry in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland 

William Gowdy—Lafarge
Groundwater and Aggregate Operations in the Villeneuve-Calahoo Area 

Melissa Orr-Langner – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Alberta’s Working Well Program

Katherine Snihur – University of Alberta
Lakes of Parkland County  – Surface and Groundwater Characterization of Lakes in Modeste and Sturgeon subwatersheds

Alex Oiffer – Alberta Environment and Parks
Sturgeon River Watershed Groundwater Analysis



October 25, 2018

Norine Ambrose – Cows and Fish
Working with Ag Producers for healthy Riparian Areas

Mary Ellen Shain – NSWA
Riparian Assessments in the NSR Watershed

Alexandra Frederickson – Land Stewardship Center
Land Stewardship Center-Stewardship Tools and Resources

Howie Bjorge – ALUS Canada
Farming a Healthier Landscape

Mara Erickson and Grace Turner – NSWA
Ruminating about Restoration

Don Meredith – Wabamun Watershed Management Council
 Wabamun Lake Shoreline Restoration

Melissa Logan – City of St. Albert
St. Albert Naturalization Projects

Mac Hickley –Alberta Environment and Parks
Riparian Setback Calculator

Jason Unger – Alberta Environmental Law Center
Water management and Municipal Law

Municipal Forum: Progress in Watershed Management
February 1, 2018

David Trew – NSWA
Watershed Planning & Management in the North Sask River Basin

AnnLisa Jensen – Parkland County
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Municipal Leadership and Collaboration 

Mara Erickson – NSWA
Vermilion River Watershed Alliance: From Planning to Practice 

Leah Kongsrude – City of St Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Stormwater Management Initiatives 

Krista Quesnel – Parkland County
Watershed and Stewardship Initiatives  

Rae-Lynne Spila – Leduc County
Cooperative Stormwater Planning Whitemud/Blackmud Creeks Watersheds

Ross Bulat & Dr. Xiangfei Li – EPCOR Drainage Services City of Edmonton
Combined Sewer Overflow Program 

Jim Duncan – Clearwater County
Headwaters Alliance Municipal Initiatives in Land Management 

Vanessa Higgins & Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug – Strathcona County
Water Conservation Initiatives 


Water Quality and Transboundary Issues in the Saskatchewan River Basin
October 18-19, 2017

October 18, 2017

Dr. Glenn Benoy – International Joint Commission
Water Quality in Shared Waters  

Mike Renouf – Prairie Provinces Water Board
Equitable Water Apportionment on the Canadian Prairies 

Brian Yee – Alberta Environment and Parks
Alberta’s Perspective on the PPWB 

Warrick Baihius – University of Saskatchewan
Manitoba/Saskatchewan Transboundary Issues

Bryan Page- Ducks Unlimited
Wetlands Critical for Water Quality

Dr. Joanne Sketchell – PPWB
Development of Water Quality Objectives and their use together with Long-term Trend Analysis in the Assessment of Transboundary River Water Quality

Sharon Reedyk –Agriculture Canada and Agri-Food Canada
Follow-up to Water Quality Excursions: a Coordinated & Cooperative Approach  

John Thompson – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Update on Water Allocation &  Use in the North Sask River Basin

Dr. Greg Goss – University of Alberta
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies in Alberta

Larry Wall – River Valley Alliance
Banquet Keynote: Capital Region River Valley Park System

October 19, 2017

Dr. Robert Patrick, University of Saskatchewan & Len Quinney – Frog Lake First Nations
Frog Lake Source Water Protection Plan 

Dr. Steve Craik & Mike Christensen – EPCOR
EPCOR’s Source Water Protection Plan for the North Sask River

Dr. David Sauchyn – PARC/University of Regina
900 yr Perspective on Hydro-Climatic Variability & Change in the Sask River Basin

Dr. Cristina Buendia – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Lake Level Trends in Alberta

Mary Ellen Shain – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
NSWA’s Headwater Alliance: an Inter-municipal Approach to Watershed Management

Melissa Logan – City of St. Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Watershed Projects

Mara Erickson – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Vermilion River Watershed Alliance: From Planning to Practice

Breda Muldoon –North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Lake Management Initiatives in the North Saskatchewan River Basin


April 6, 2017

Vanessa Swarbrick, M.Sc. – Alberta Environment and Parks
Surface Water Quality Overview of the NSR Basin 

Alyssa Tuininga, B.Sc. – Alberta Environment and Parks
Implementation of Water Management Framework Industrial Heartland Capital Region

Stephanie Neufeld, M.Sc. EPCOR
EPCOR SourceWaterProtection

Nicola Lewin, M.Sc. EPCOR
River Conditions & Effects on Edm Water Treatment

Dr. Shari Clare – Fiera Biological Consulting
Watershed an Enviro Planning Tools for Improving WQ

Dr. Greg Piorkowski – AB Agriculture and Forestry
Deriving_Nutrient Objectives for Agricultural Streams in Alberta

Bob Winship, RPF – Weyerhaeuser Pembina
Protecting  Watershed Values in the Upper North Sask River Basin

Ross Bulat P.Eng. & Dr. Xiangfei Li, P.Eng. – City of Edmonton 
Implementation of City of Edmonton River For Life Strategies


October 4, 2016

Dr. David Sauchyn – University of Regina
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply

Sal Figliuzzi, P. Eng.
Current Conditions & Trends in Surface Water Supply in the NSR

Dr. Greg Goss and Dr. Monireh Faramarzi – University of Alberta
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies in Alberta

Gordon Thompson, P. Eng. – NSWA
Overview of Water Allocation & Consumption in the NSR Basin

Dr. Cristina Buendia-Fores – NSWA
Evaluation of landscape change & climate effect on water supply in Mediterranean Basin

Steph Neufeld & Dr. Lyndon Gyurek – EPCOR
Security of Drinking Water Supplies in NSR Watershed

Dr. Duane Froese – University of Alberta
Isotope hydrology of the North Saskatchewan River and its tributaries in Alberta

Mike Nemeth, P. Ag. – Alberta WaterSMART
Water Resources Planning Projects in Alberta

Chad Willms –Alberta Environment and Parks
North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

April 28, 2016

Alison Ronson – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Protected Areas in Alberta: CPAWS & “Protect Alberta’s Headwaters” Campaign

Jenna Curtis – Land Stewardship Center
Working in the ‘Shed’

Pam Wight – Edmonton and Area Land Trust
Edmonton & Area Land Trust in Action

Darren Haarsma –ALUS Program Parkland County
ALUS from the Ground Up

Andy Van Imschoot – Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited Conservation Program Overview

Brendan Ganton- Alberta Conservation Association
Regional look at ACA Projects 

Dr. Guy Swinnerton- BHI
Ken Crutchfield – Wildlife Society, Alberta Chapter
Andy Boyd –  Alberta Fish and Game Association
Update on AFG Initiatives in the NSR Watershed
Reed Froklage- Riverwatch
Laura Machial – First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group

First Nation Source Water Protection Planning:  An Opportunity for Collaboration


September 17, 2015

Sharon Shuya – Capital Region Board
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Growth Planning in the Capital Region

Jay White – Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd.
Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report

Ralph Wright – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Alberta Climate Information Service: an overview of current and historical climate information 

Candace Vanin – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Glenn Kummer – Lac Ste Anne County
Agricultural Activity in the Sturgeon River Watershed 

Dr. David Sauchyn – University of Regina
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply 

Gavin Berg – Alberta Environment and Parks
Under Siege a Story of Alien Invaders 

Darren Haarsma – Parkland County
ALUS Program in Parkland County

Leah Kongsrude – City of St. Albert
The Journey So Far


August 12, 2015

Pat Gordeyko-Vermilion River Watershed Alliance
Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan

Kerri O’Shaugnessy, Riparian Specialist- Cows and Fish
Life and Times of the Vermilion River watershed

Judy Stewart, LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor
Provincial/Municipal Policies, Laws & Implementation Strategies for Wetlands in Alberta

Dr. David Locky- Grant McEwan University
Wetlands-Function and Value -Natural, Restored and Constructed 

Barry Bishop- Ducks Unlimited Canada
Wetland Restoration – Experience, Issues and Protocol

Dr. Masaki Hayashi-University of Calgary
Eco-hydrology of prairie wetlands and management implications Synthesis of a 50-year study

Sean McGrath-Rancher / Producer
A producer perspective on riparian improvement

Sharon Reedyk- Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Field manual on riparian buffer design Validating the tool

Marilou Montemayor, P. Ag.- NSWA
Wetlands and riparian areas restoration projects in the Vermilion River watershed

Candace Vanin, P.Ag.- Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Vermilion River watershed potential projects – 2015-2018

February 5, 2015

Bob Winship – Weyerhaeuser
Protecting Watershed Values in Upper North Sask River Basin 

Cal Rakach, Project Manager – Clearwater Trails Initiative
Clearwater Trail Initiative Rig Street Pilot Project

Dr. Kevin Parks – Alberta Energy Regulator
Overview of Oil & Gas Industry Activities in the Upper North Sask  River Basin

Kim Barkwell and Aaron Van Beers – Leduc County
Agricultural BMPs Leduc and Westaskiwin Counties

Vanessa Swarbrick – AESRD
Surface Water Quality Overview of the Upper North
Sask River

Stephanie Neufeld – EPCOR
Source Water Protection 2015 Headwaters

Dr. Brad Stelfox – ALCES Landscape and Land Use Ltd.
The Upper North Saskatchewan River Watershed: Looking Back in Time
Vermilion River watershed potential projects – 2015-2018



September 25, 2014

Mike Sullivan – AEMERA
 Fish and Fisheries in the NSR Basin

Stephen Spencer – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Looking Back – Thinking Forward. Lake Fisheries in the NSR Basin

Dr. Greg Goss – University of Alberta
Municipal and Industrial Pollutants and Fish Health in the North Saskatchewan River

Kate Wilson – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Invasive Aquatic Species and Consequences

Peter Aku and Scott Seward – Alberta Conservation Association
Potential of storm water ponds as fisheries and the importance of recreational fishing within municipalities

Brenda Parlee – University of Alberta
A Perspective on the Use of Traditional Knowledge in the NSR Watershed

Janet Fletcher – Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
Results of the 2013 Alberta Recreation Survey Popularity of Sport fishing

April 10, 2014

Jim Duncan – Clearwater County
Sasquatch & partners: Respecting Our Backyard – the increasing impact of Off-Road-Vehicles in the Headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River watershed. 

Bob Kitching – Brazeau County
 Solar Aquatics Sewage Treatment Plant at Cynthia, Alberta, Canada

Gabriel Clarke and Duncan Martin – Parkland County
Alternative Land Use Service (ALUS) Project: A voluntary approach to conservation.

Leah Kongsrude – City of St. Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed: Evolution from State of the Watershed Report to Integrated Watershed Management Plan 

Mike Darbyshire – Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
Developing a Wet Weather Flow Strategy for the Regional Wastewater System

Pat Gordeyko – County of Two Hills
Bridging Planning Processes: The Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan

Catherine Shier – City of Edmonton
Ecological Mapping Project for the City of Edmonton 

Owen Nelson – County Vermilion River
Stretton Creek: ALUS – Growing Forward 2 Agricultural Watershed Enhancement Programs 


November 7, 2013

Brian Eaton – Beaver Hills Initiative
The role of the BHI in promoting citizen science and stewardship in the Beaver Hills

Laurie Hunt and Debbie Webb – Biological Sciences, NAIT
Facilitating Collaboration for Riparian Restoration Initiatives (NAIT Sturgeon River Research Project)

Pamela Wight – Edmonton and Area Land Trust
Partnerships & Progress in Management in the Watershed

Barry Bishop – Ducks Unlimited Canada
Ducks Unlimited Canada Programming in the North Saskatchewan Watershed: past and Present

Sean Nichols – Alberta Wilderness Association

Bradley Peter & Arin MacFarlane Dyer – Alberta Lake Management Society
ALMS Community Based Monitoring supporting Lake Watershed Management Planning

Norine Ambrose & Ashley Rawluk – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows and Fish)
Cows and Fish in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

Per Andersen – Nature Conservancy of Canada
NCCs Presence and Management Priorities Upstream of Edmonton