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PRESENTATIONS (NSWA Educational Forums)
2019 | Presentation | Collaboration and Watershed Management


FEB. 27, 2019

Brian Smerdon – Alberta Energy Regulator
Groundwater Primer 

Jason Unger – Alberta Environmental Law Center
Groundwater Management Challenges 

Michael Bevan – Alberta Energy Regulator
Groundwater and Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector

Jessica Liggett and Jeanette Klassen – Alberta Geological Survey
Overview of Groundwater Inventory Mapping by Alberta Geological Survey 

Laurie Danielson – Northeast Capital Industrial Association
Regional Groundwater Monitoring of the Beverly Channel by Industry in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland 

William Gowdy—Lafarge
Groundwater and Aggregate Operations in the Villeneuve-Calahoo Area 

Melissa Orr-Langner – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Alberta’s Working Well Program

Katherine Snihur – University of Alberta
Lakes of Parkland County  – Surface and Groundwater Characterization of Lakes in Modeste and Sturgeon subwatersheds

Alex Oiffer – Alberta Environment and Parks
Sturgeon River Watershed Groundwater Analysis



Oct. 25, 2018

Norine Ambrose – Cows and Fish
Working with Ag Producers for healthy Riparian Areas

Mary Ellen Shain – NSWA
Riparian Assessments in the NSR Watershed

Alexandra Frederickson – Land Stewardship Center
Land Stewardship Center-Stewardship Tools and Resources

Howie Bjorge – ALUS Canada
Farming a Healthier Landscape

Mara Erickson and Grace Turner – NSWA
Ruminating about Restoration

Don Meredith – Wabamun Watershed Management Council
 Wabamun Lake Shoreline Restoration

Melissa Logan – City of St. Albert
St. Albert Naturalization Projects

Mac Hickley –Alberta Environment and Parks
Riparian Setback Calculator

Jason Unger – Alberta Environmental Law Center
Water management and Municipal Law

Municipal Forum: Progress in Watershed Management
February 1, 2018

David Trew – NSWA
Watershed Planning & Management in the North Sask River Basin

AnnLisa Jensen – Parkland County
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Municipal Leadership and Collaboration 

Mara Erickson – NSWA
Vermilion River Watershed Alliance: From Planning to Practice 

Leah Kongsrude – City of St Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Stormwater Management Initiatives 

Krista Quesnel – Parkland County
Watershed and Stewardship Initiatives  

Rae-Lynne Spila – Leduc County
Cooperative Stormwater Planning Whitemud/Blackmud Creeks Watersheds

Ross Bulat & Dr. Xiangfei Li – EPCOR Drainage Services City of Edmonton
Combined Sewer Overflow Program 

Jim Duncan – Clearwater County
Headwaters Alliance Municipal Initiatives in Land Management 

Vanessa Higgins & Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug – Strathcona County
Water Conservation Initiatives 


Water Quality and Transboundary Issues in the Saskatchewan River Basin
October 18-19, 2017

October 18, 2017

Dr. Glenn Benoy – International Joint Commission
Water Quality in Shared Waters  

Mike Renouf – Prairie Provinces Water Board
Equitable Water Apportionment on the Canadian Prairies 

Brian Yee – Alberta Environment and Parks
Alberta’s Perspective on the PPWB 

Warrick Baihius – University of Saskatchewan
Manitoba/Saskatchewan Transboundary Issues

Bryan Page- Ducks Unlimited
Wetlands Critical for Water Quality

Dr. Joanne Sketchell – PPWB
Development of Water Quality Objectives and their use together with Long-term Trend Analysis in the Assessment of Transboundary River Water Quality

Sharon Reedyk –Agriculture Canada and Agri-Food Canada
Follow-up to Water Quality Excursions: a Coordinated & Cooperative Approach  

John Thompson – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Update on Water Allocation &  Use in the North Sask River Basin

Dr. Greg Goss – University of Alberta
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies in Alberta

Larry Wall – River Valley Alliance
Banquet Keynote: Capital Region River Valley Park System

October 19, 2017

Dr. Robert Patrick, University of Saskatchewan & Len Quinney – Frog Lake First Nations
Frog Lake Source Water Protection Plan 

Dr. Steve Craik & Mike Christensen – EPCOR
EPCOR’s Source Water Protection Plan for the North Sask River

Dr. David Sauchyn – PARC/University of Regina
900 yr Perspective on Hydro-Climatic Variability & Change in the Sask River Basin

Dr. Cristina Buendia – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Lake Level Trends in Alberta

Mary Ellen Shain – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
NSWA’s Headwater Alliance: an Inter-municipal Approach to Watershed Management

Melissa Logan – City of St. Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed Alliance: Watershed Projects

Mara Erickson – North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Vermilion River Watershed Alliance: From Planning to Practice

Breda Muldoon –North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
Lake Management Initiatives in the North Saskatchewan River Basin


April 6, 2017

Vanessa Swarbrick, M.Sc. – Alberta Environment and Parks
Surface Water Quality Overview of the NSR Basin 

Alyssa Tuininga, B.Sc. – Alberta Environment and Parks
Implementation of Water Management Framework Industrial Heartland Capital Region

Stephanie Neufeld, M.Sc. EPCOR
EPCOR SourceWaterProtection

Nicola Lewin, M.Sc. EPCOR
River Conditions & Effects on Edm Water Treatment

Dr. Shari Clare – Fiera Biological Consulting
Watershed an Enviro Planning Tools for Improving WQ

Dr. Greg Piorkowski – AB Agriculture and Forestry
Deriving_Nutrient Objectives for Agricultural Streams in Alberta

Bob Winship, RPF – Weyerhaeuser Pembina
Protecting  Watershed Values in the Upper North Sask River Basin

Ross Bulat P.Eng. & Dr. Xiangfei Li, P.Eng. – City of Edmonton 
Implementation of City of Edmonton River For Life Strategies


October 4, 2016

Dr. David Sauchyn – University of Regina
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply

Sal Figliuzzi, P. Eng.
Current Conditions & Trends in Surface Water Supply in the NSR

Dr. Greg Goss and Dr. Monireh Faramarzi – University of Alberta
Modelling the Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies in Alberta

Gordon Thompson, P. Eng. – NSWA
Overview of Water Allocation & Consumption in the NSR Basin

Dr. Cristina Buendia-Fores – NSWA
Evaluation of landscape change & climate effect on water supply in Mediterranean Basin

Steph Neufeld & Dr. Lyndon Gyurek – EPCOR
Security of Drinking Water Supplies in NSR Watershed

Dr. Duane Froese – University of Alberta
Isotope hydrology of the North Saskatchewan River and its tributaries in Alberta

Mike Nemeth, P. Ag. – Alberta WaterSMART
Water Resources Planning Projects in Alberta

Chad Willms –Alberta Environment and Parks
North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

April 28, 2016

Alison Ronson – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Protected Areas in Alberta: CPAWS & “Protect Alberta’s Headwaters” Campaign

Jenna Curtis – Land Stewardship Center
Working in the ‘Shed’

Pam Wight – Edmonton and Area Land Trust
Edmonton & Area Land Trust in Action

Darren Haarsma –ALUS Program Parkland County
ALUS from the Ground Up

Andy Van Imschoot – Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited Conservation Program Overview

Brendan Ganton- Alberta Conservation Association
Regional look at ACA Projects 

Dr. Guy Swinnerton- BHI
Ken Crutchfield – Wildlife Society, Alberta Chapter
Andy Boyd –  Alberta Fish and Game Association
Update on AFG Initiatives in the NSR Watershed
Reed Froklage- Riverwatch
Laura Machial – First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group

First Nation Source Water Protection Planning:  An Opportunity for Collaboration


Sept. 17, 2015

Sharon Shuya – Capital Region Board
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Growth Planning in the Capital Region

Jay White – Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd.
Sturgeon River State of the Watershed Report

Ralph Wright – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Alberta Climate Information Service: an overview of current and historical climate information 

Candace Vanin – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Glenn Kummer – Lac Ste Anne County
Agricultural Activity in the Sturgeon River Watershed 

Dr. David Sauchyn – University of Regina
Long Term Trends in Prairie Water Supply 

Gavin Berg – Alberta Environment and Parks
Under Siege a Story of Alien Invaders 

Darren Haarsma – Parkland County
ALUS Program in Parkland County

Leah Kongsrude – City of St. Albert
The Journey So Far


Aug. 12, 2015

Pat Gordeyko-Vermilion River Watershed Alliance
Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan

Kerri O’Shaugnessy, Riparian Specialist- Cows and Fish
Life and Times of the Vermilion River watershed

Judy Stewart, LL.M., Barrister & Solicitor
Provincial/Municipal Policies, Laws & Implementation Strategies for Wetlands in Alberta

Dr. David Locky- Grant McEwan University
Wetlands-Function and Value -Natural, Restored and Constructed 

Barry Bishop- Ducks Unlimited Canada
Wetland Restoration – Experience, Issues and Protocol

Dr. Masaki Hayashi-University of Calgary
Eco-hydrology of prairie wetlands and management implications Synthesis of a 50-year study

Sean McGrath-Rancher / Producer
A producer perspective on riparian improvement

Sharon Reedyk- Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Field manual on riparian buffer design Validating the tool

Marilou Montemayor, P. Ag.- NSWA
Wetlands and riparian areas restoration projects in the Vermilion River watershed

Candace Vanin, P.Ag.- Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Vermilion River watershed potential projects – 2015-2018

Feb. 5, 2015

Bob Winship – Weyerhaeuser
Protecting Watershed Values in Upper North Sask River Basin 

Cal Rakach, Project Manager – Clearwater Trails Initiative
Clearwater Trail Initiative Rig Street Pilot Project

Dr. Kevin Parks – Alberta Energy Regulator
Overview of Oil & Gas Industry Activities in the Upper North Sask  River Basin

Kim Barkwell and Aaron Van Beers – Leduc County
Agricultural BMPs Leduc and Westaskiwin Counties

Vanessa Swarbrick – AESRD
Surface Water Quality Overview of the Upper North
Sask River

Stephanie Neufeld – EPCOR
Source Water Protection 2015 Headwaters

Dr. Brad Stelfox – ALCES Landscape and Land Use Ltd.
The Upper North Saskatchewan River Watershed: Looking Back in Time
Vermilion River watershed potential projects – 2015-2018



September 25, 2014

Mike Sullivan – AEMERA
 Fish and Fisheries in the NSR Basin

Stephen Spencer – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Looking Back – Thinking Forward. Lake Fisheries in the NSR Basin

Dr. Greg Goss – University of Alberta
Municipal and Industrial Pollutants and Fish Health in the North Saskatchewan River

Kate Wilson – Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Invasive Aquatic Species and Consequences

Peter Aku and Scott Seward – Alberta Conservation Association
Potential of storm water ponds as fisheries and the importance of recreational fishing within municipalities

Brenda Parlee – University of Alberta
A Perspective on the Use of Traditional Knowledge in the NSR Watershed

Janet Fletcher – Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
Results of the 2013 Alberta Recreation Survey Popularity of Sport fishing

April 10, 2014

Jim Duncan – Clearwater County
Sasquatch & partners: Respecting Our Backyard – the increasing impact of Off-Road-Vehicles in the Headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River watershed. 

Bob Kitching – Brazeau County
 Solar Aquatics Sewage Treatment Plant at Cynthia, Alberta, Canada

Gabriel Clarke and Duncan Martin – Parkland County
Alternative Land Use Service (ALUS) Project: A voluntary approach to conservation.

Leah Kongsrude – City of St. Albert
Sturgeon River Watershed: Evolution from State of the Watershed Report to Integrated Watershed Management Plan 

Mike Darbyshire – Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
Developing a Wet Weather Flow Strategy for the Regional Wastewater System

Pat Gordeyko – County of Two Hills
Bridging Planning Processes: The Vermilion River Watershed Management Plan

Catherine Shier – City of Edmonton
Ecological Mapping Project for the City of Edmonton 

Owen Nelson – County Vermilion River
Stretton Creek: ALUS – Growing Forward 2 Agricultural Watershed Enhancement Programs 


November 7, 2013

Brian Eaton – Beaver Hills Initiative
The role of the BHI in promoting citizen science and stewardship in the Beaver Hills

Laurie Hunt and Debbie Webb – Biological Sciences, NAIT
Facilitating Collaboration for Riparian Restoration Initiatives (NAIT Sturgeon River Research Project)

Pamela Wight – Edmonton and Area Land Trust
Partnerships & Progress in Management in the Watershed

Barry Bishop – Ducks Unlimited Canada
Ducks Unlimited Canada Programming in the North Saskatchewan Watershed: past and Present

Sean Nichols – Alberta Wilderness Association

Bradley Peter & Arin MacFarlane Dyer – Alberta Lake Management Society
ALMS Community Based Monitoring supporting Lake Watershed Management Planning

Norine Ambrose & Ashley Rawluk – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows and Fish)
Cows and Fish in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

Per Andersen – Nature Conservancy of Canada
NCCs Presence and Management Priorities Upstream of Edmonton